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Our plays 

All our plays have been written specifically for church groups to perform in small or large situations. We have performed our plays in small church halls, larger halls, and church sanctuaries. Every one of the plays is original and comes with production notes, suggested set design, and suggestions for casting alternatives.

Each play has been conceived so that a fluid number and age of characters can be used, but does include adults and young people acting together on an equal footing. These are not "children's" plays nor "adult" plays - they are designed to be multi-age with children and adults carrying equal importance in their roles.

St. John in his old age, starts to tell the children in Ephesus about what it was like to be in Jerusalem at the time of the Crucifixion. (Stage left, "I was There")

Our first play, entitled "I Was There", is the only one presently available in a complete form.

Our second play, "Why did I say that", is in the finalization for publication and will be ready by December 2010. 

A third ("Who Me?" ), fourth ("Show Me" ) & fifth play (Untitled as yet) are in process of preparation for publication and will be ready for distribution in the spring of 2011.

The Passion Plays

This first series of plays is especially written to be performed at Easter (though they could, of course, be performed at any other time).

Each play centres around the Passion week and events from the point of view of one of the Apostles.

In "I Was There" John relates what he remembers of the Passion time - which is enacted on the other side of the "split" stage.

"Why did I say that" is the story of the Passion told by Peter. In this play the action stops while Peter "steps out" of the action at various points to talk about what he is thinking and feeling. It has one answer to why Peter denied Christ three times!

"Who Me?" has Judas lurking in the periphery of the action as the Passion progresses. He "talks to himself" and we see his dilemmas, fears, hopes, and love!

"Show Me" features Thomas in a rather Woody Allen character, racked by indecision, doubtfulness, but full of love hope and ultimate faith.

Ordering Information

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